Ask any football lover across the globe, Which club is the greatest football club in history? Well over 70% will mention Real Madrid the first or second time. The other 30% are sentimental staunch fans of other clubs, majorly Barcelona or Atletico Madrid for obvious reasons. Unfortunately, a team dubbed to be the greatest in football’s history clearly has no club policy but to splash out cash on big names. Two men can be held responsible for this, they are former and current Real Madrid Presidents ; RAMON CALDERON and FLORENTINO PEREZ respectively. 12 managers have kissed the Real Madrid badge since Mr Perez assumed office in the year 2000. Amongst them are some of the biggest managers in this generation of football; Carlos Queiroz, Fabio Capello, Bernd Schuster, Juande Ramos, Manuel Pellegrini, Jose Mourinho, Carlo Ancelotti and now Rafa Benitez. Just like other football faithfuls who have followed this situation closely, I also think that the epicenter of Real Madrid’s flirty behaviour with Managers started in 2003 when current Spain manager Vicente Del Bosque was allowed to leave just a few hours after he delivered the LA LIGA title to the country’s capital for the second time in three and half years in charge of the Spanish giants. Real Madrid have gone on to win the LA LIGA only 3 times after his exit, despite having the likes of Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldo De Lima, Raul Gonzales, David Beckham, Luis Figo, Roberto Carlos, Sergio Ramos, Guti Hernandez, Iker Casillas and a host of others – the ‘GALACTICOS’ era was born at this point.

In 2006, Florentino Perez resigned as President and Ramon Calderon took over, Calderon’s spell came with so much luck as success was pronounced almost immediately. Real Madrid won the LA LIGA in 2007 and 2008 but again Fabio Capello was sacked after winning the LA LIGA in 2007/08. In 2009, Ramon Calderon followed the same doors out as Fabio Capello. Again, Florentino Perez took over, this time around with the buy the best players syndrome again, but the Managers weren’t left out of the party and football funerals in the country’s capital. The new era produced Cristiano Ronaldo and Ricardo Kaka, Zidane came back but this time for a managerial advisory role and it was all smiles again. Manuel Pellegrini set a new points total with Madrid and had the highest win per games ratio in Madrid’s history with 75%, but then, after one season, he was fired. Jose Mourinho came afterwards, managed a 71.91% wins per game ratio, had 2 great seasons but the 3rd was trophy-less and he couldn’t deliver Perez the LA DECIMA, so like the others, it was time to say his byes. Then came the Italian mafia Carlo Ancelotti in 2014, he finished 3rd in his first season in the league but was pardoned only because he made history, he had delivered the much anticipated LA DECIMA to the capital.



A long term manager at last I thought, but then the just concluded season followed, yes a ‘trophy-less’ one but his team finished second in the league and made it to the semi finals of the Uefa champions league, the second best record for wins per games ratio in Madrid’s history with 74.79%, not a bad record by any standard, unfortunately you guessed right, its no news anymore, he’s been fired. This I think was very disrespectful for his achievement (LA DECIMA). This disrespect can date back to how almighty Kaka was treated like Nikolas Bendtner, how Rafael Van der Vaart, Arjen Robben, Wesley Sniedjer and most recently Mesut Ozil all left the club like they were never a part of it.


Rafa Benitez is the man on the hot seat now, a man who must have forgotten what it means to win on the world’s biggest stage. He couldn’t even qualify SSC Napoli for the champions league in the just concluded season, in a league where only Juventus can match up with the quality of his team. This is not to say that he is a bad coach, Ofcourse his records speak well of him from Valencia to Inter Milan to Chelsea and was even decorated in Naples but hey, Who fires Carlo Ancelotti and hires Rafa Benitez? Mr Perez! All the talks of wanting a man who can communicate in Spanish and who has part of Madrid before are cheap excuses to hire Rafa, Obviously the biggest name in the market as of now, but my point is – Why fire Carlo in the first place? So what if Benitez fails to usurp Barcelona in the first season? Which is very likely. He’ll get fired and then who takes over next? Jurgen Klopp? Stephen Keshi? Yemi Adesanya or Lanre Adenmosun?



Florentino can bring Sir Alex Ferguson out of retirement and still sack him for one bad season. This constant change of managers is the major reason Real Madrid doesn’t have a pattern of play, talk less remain consistent with one. The last Madrid manager who kept his job after  a trophy-less season with Madrid was Alfredo Di Stefano, of course for obvious reasons. I have a soft spot for  Real Madrid but take it or leave it, Barcelona has been Spain’s biggest export in football in recent times, its my opinion but the statistics don’t speak differently. All Real Madrid lives on is past glory and believe me, this will remain until this insanity is cured.


Thank you for reading.

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