Not a good day for the Masterchef

Disappointing look..
Disappointing look..

“Time to go shopping, not bought a player for 50 days, window shuts in 15 days, what are we waiting for?”

The most entertaining league football is back coupled with its high intensity and drama. And on its full swing, the 23rd Premier League season have started with a major headline already.

Bad day for the Masterchef (Louis Van Gaal) as his unbalanced personnel lost their opening game at home to Garry monk’s Swansea. The experience LVG was playing against Monk – who made his Swans debut ten years ago in League 2 against Nottingham Forest. One would have thought this would be a stroll in the park for the Reds but on seeing the line ups, one needs to have a rethink.

sigurddddalleryImage_epa04356358_Manchester_UnThe very organized swans were brilliant and very adventurous especially with Ashley williams – who was rightly judged as the MOTM following his brilliant display in the defense.

sportUnited’s new captain, Wayne Rooney scored a spectacular goal to level things up after Sung Yeung Ki had put the visitors ahead in the first half before Sigurdsson wrapped things up for the Swans with a little over a quarter of an hour left in the game after an unconvincing defensive display by the United personnel.

After losing it’s opening day game at home for the first time since 1972/73 season, manager LVG has agreed that quality additions are needed if they are to finish well come May 2015. Some players will leave before the transfer window is closed and i’m looking forward to seeing three players at least to bolster the squad:

Angel Di Maria –

In action against Manchester United
In action against Manchester United

who will help create more lively chances and can take advantage of long distance shots and set pieces.

Arturo Vidal – angrelc2e129c5a96_vid His offensive midfield brilliance was key to Juventus’ success last season and also helped his National side to qualify well for the World Cup that was held in Brazil. He can help win more balls, he can be creative and very skillful and that’s an added advantage that will leave your opponents scratching their heads.

Finally, established defenders – Marcos Rojo, Matt Hummels or Benatia – definitely, these established defenders can help the likes of Jones and Smalling mature well since the exit of Nemanja Vidic and Rio Ferdinand.

After the loss, LVG has a message for all United faithfuls and football fans across the globe. He said – “We make steps and you have to learn from your steps. We are not the champions. Swansea are not champions because they have beaten us. At the end of the season, we will know who is champion and who has learned from the steps we’ve made.”

So the table is set by the chef, the meal is not user-friendly, everyone attached to Manchester United is wearing a long face, they have endured a torrid time last season, don’t want to experience it this time around, the chief takes a look at Ed Woodward with a strong message on his face – “Time to go shopping, not bought a player for 50 days, window shuts in 15 days, what are we waiting for?”

2 thoughts on “Not a good day for the Masterchef

  1. Too little too late, Vidal is going nowhere , Hummels is new Dortmund Capt so he is out, Many litigation issues on Rojo, Mou is abt to hijack Benetia. What this means is that more bad days for the master chef ahead. Price you pay for arrogance

    1. I think there is enough time within the window for United to fix the problems it has. Thanks for the comment Hassler.

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