Manchester United : The laughing stock of the entire Football World


I would never have believed that a day would come that i would write a piece with the above title; but at a time like this  it has become imperative to try to dig into the demise that is now Manchester United. What really is the problem at United? Champions of England, World’s most notable brand, most lucrative Sports Franchise, most valuable football club, most successful club in English domestic and league competitions; we can go on and on with respect to the many superlatives and achievements of Manchester United over the years; which looks nothing like the rot that we now see week in week out.


The first question has to be where did it all go wrong, I don’t claim to be an expert or to know it all, but as a fan for decades I can put my finger on some of the reason United are where they are today and this does not entirely fall on the new manager, but he most definitely must shoulder part of the blame for making the great Manchester United, the laughing stock of the entire football world.

Man U fans pls h

Playing Monopoly would have been better

The Shambles that was the summer transfer business led by United’s novice CEO; Ed Woodward; name dropping at will with extreme stupidity; the manager himself did not help matters as it seemed both were reading from the same script. It was an absolute disgrace that United could not conclude any deals for its identified targets and consistently bungled negotiations with great precision. Do not get me wrong; Ed Woodward may be an excellent marketing and branding person, able to seal huge merchandizing deals from all the corners of the globe, but he was absolutely out of his depth when it came to the small matter of negotiating player transfers; the bread and butter of every football club. The little that is said about the eventual capture of the largely disappointing and ineffectual Maroune Fellani, the better and I will just leave it at that.

Hahaha this man

Media 101

Managers have assistants for a reason; poor old David Moyes he just cannot seem to use the so called back room staff he trust so much to good effect to take off some of the current pressure he is facing. Why not let Steve Round face the press for a change; since you have been absolutely naïve in the handling of questions fielded by the Press with little confidence and control of the men wielding their pens and microphones. Even if you do not have a plan, act like you do, talk like you do; speak assured, control the audience, not play into the hands of the waiting press, who set varying degree of traps waiting for you to fall prey with your response.

Stand tall, make pronouncements, stand by it; do not look like an absolute clown who is in his element in a circus.


Muppet Babies Marathon back on TV

The modern day footballer is well paid, drives the best cars, lives the good life; but need the occasional kick in the behind to be put firmly where they belong. To know why they are even idolized not to talk of been paid the big bucks. Under David Moyes, it just seems like the players are on a very long leash, laughing at training especially after a needless loss. On the Pitch, it even seems worse; I remember a Manchester United game in the Champions League against Milan; that Sir Alex called Johnny Evans over; gave him an absolute mouthful with his face red like fire. Evans could not even look him in the face; but he got the message loud and clear. You dare not cross his path; you had to sit up, act right or else. Here, we seem to have a bunch of sissies wearing the Red, white and black of the club (no heart, no drive, no guts and lack of professionalism) and an absolute Muppet on the bench/ touchline trying to run things or acting like he is running things. United fans now go into matches completely unsure especially at Old Trafford, not knowing what to expect; the tears are about to roll down like it’s the end of a tragic movie.

Reality Check.

Free Shinji

Since the release of Shinji as the fans had clamoured for; the player seems to still be playing with the same shackles in between his legs. No drive, No verve; we can go on and on; a school of thought is of the belief that the manager does not know how best to utilize or bring out the best in the talents of the Japanese international. The twitter handle @evilkagawa continues to illustrate the apparent calamity that United has just become; stirring controversy daily and undermining the manager and his ability.


What Next?

There seems to be only one way to go for Manchester United now and it seems to only be in the downwards direction. Three straight losses in Seven days; Four losses at home, Six losses in the League, out of the F.A. Cup in the Third Round, lost the first leg of the Capital One Cup semi final and there’s no light at the end of the tunnel.

It just looks like it will get worse before it will get anywhere near better; the options are limited to change the course and direction of the team. To strengthen in January comes with massive pitfalls, players may be cup tied, overly expensive, take extra time to settle and blend in; but would splashing solve the problem, is the problem a problem of inadequate personnel taking into consideration this same squad won the League last season by 11 points or is it a managerial problem; will changing the manager stop the rot?

The fans continue to follow the advice and plea of Sir Alex, for them to stand behind the manager; patience they say is a virtue. How long can united fans stand, stomach and condone the continued dismantling of their empire?

I can assure you their patience is running thin and quite fast too; this Giant cannot be brought to its knees, for Christ sake this is Manchester United we are talking about.

Come on United!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adeyemi Adesanya
Sports Business Consultant and Football Intermediary; Risk Management & Due Diligence Consultant; Freelance Football writer & Pundit on Radio & TV and Man.Utd Fan

8 thoughts on “Manchester United : The laughing stock of the entire Football World

  1. I’m a. Newcastle United fan. I’ve been one for almost 20 yrs and I’ll never leave them no matter what happens. Moyes’s era as Man U Manager has obviously not started well. I’d like to remind Man U fans that SAF didn’t do any better when he took over.

    Now you’ll argue that United were in crisis then, not now. I urge you to give the man time. He needs support not sack.

    Thank you.

  2. Well written. Moyes is incompetent. The team plays without an identity. He is yet to make a mark on the style of play, tactics and strategy. He is a low level coach not fit to manage a European Giant.

  3. @Dewunmi. What exactly is our business if you have been a Newcastle fan without a trophy for the past 100 years????? Is this article about Alan Pardew??

  4. Great piece though, as a fan who decided to say it like it is, really this jan is full of intrigues, some players r cup tied, overly expensive, even when bought needs time to adapt, wht pains me is tht players dnt even want to play for d club again….in SAF’s time mos player wud die to play for him, something drastic has to b done, patience is running thin

  5. As you can probably recall, we had many discussions in the summer where we discussed many of the issues which I thought Moyes may have. Your pal vehemently derided those conversations and I wonder how he feels now. What I find particularly embarrassing is the behavior of United fans today. Everytime I ask one, what is the solution, what would they do if they were in charge today, all I get back is ” Moyes sucks”. Yes he’s made a ton of mistakes but that’s not a solution. A solution is figuring out what we do from here. And no, he’s not getting fired. I don’t know if Moyes is going to come good or not but I do know that 6 months is not enough to proclaim him a failure

  6. Thank you for all your comments; truth be told United fans are all spoilt and the sooner we realize this is a phase we need to pass through the better. The major problem has to be the financial implication of missing out on the UCL and the effect of not being able to attract the best names.

    Patience is truly a virtue.

  7. All this talk about sack Moyes this and that are just downright disgusting. A man Manages a club for almost 3 decades and the next man after him is actually supposed to pick up where he left off. Sometimes I hear people say “Oh,we should have got Mourinho,@ least we won’t be in this mess” clearly those aren’t fans,they just know Manchester United. Mourinho iss a Mercenary. 4 years and he’ll get bored and move on to something he feels excites him. Truth be told we haven’t had a strong team since the 08/09 season With Tevez and Ronaldo. Since those 2 left Manchester United have been on the decline. TRUE united fans will know this and I insist it was the sheer stupidity of other teams around us that’s why they didn’t take full advantage of the slip. Now Fergie decides to leave and Moyes takes charge. We all know that whoever was going to succeed Fergie had a huge task before him. I mean the man’s record will never be broken in football history. Having said that Moyes will try not to do too much too quickly by bringing his own players and trying to do things his own way. That will bring disaster. He has to take it step by step and be very careful. Dare I say even iff Jesus Christ was asked to manage Manchester United after Fergie, he himself will find it tough. Yes Yes we weren’t active in the window and all that. But who would have liked it if Moyes went gung ho like a kid in a candy store buying players and they still refused to perform? @ the end of the day apart from Fellaini and Januzaz this is still the team that won last season. We lose and the manager is blamed. Sometimes yes. I mean even the great Fergie dropped many a klanger. But short of Moyes getting unto the pitch and playing himself I really don’t see much more for him to actually do. The players are rubbish. Many have to go. Some need to retire and call it a day. Manchester United “Fans” should forget about this season and focus on the next. The man needs time. And all that talk about him bringing his own backroom staff and all what not is just total bullocks. If you take over a company do you not shuffle things around to fulfill your own vision? Example is an “Orange” bank here in Nigeria. The old MD passed and the new one could simply have carried on with the way things were being run but NO. He moved things around. Some people had to go. Some left voluntarily.
    The man needs time and those who aren’t prepared to give him can go to another club

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