It seems like a decade ago, when Brendan Rodgers was last seen parading Anfield. Since his departure, miracles have occurred in Liverpool. Before Rodgers was sacked, the atmosphere in and around Liverpool was stale, the morale of the average players he purchased was very low and the Anfield became a graveyard where mourning and lamenting were the order of the day especially for the fans.

Since the arrival of Jurgen Klopp, the team has been revitalised, players such as Lallana, Henderson, Milner, Can, Firmino and Origi play has though they are possessed by demons; even the defence is not
left out as the likes of Kolo Toure, Sakho and Dejan Lovren have stepped up. This new Liverpool will cause any opponents headaches no matter how strong the opponents are; an example is the 3-3 draw against Arsenal, the bashing of Manchester City home and away, their desire, work ethic, industry and passion would most times consume the opponents, giving Liverpool favourable results.

From time immemorial, Anfield has been a ground that produces magical and electrifying moments. Although these disappeared for some time, under the charismatic German, magical and electrifying moments have returned to Anfield as evidenced in comebacks against Borussia Dortmund and Villarreal. Now Anfield faithfuls take their seats with renewed hope and expectation; knowing that the spirit of Anfield will swallow their opponents.

As the season draws to a close, Jurgen Klopp’s score reads: two finals, one he lost to Manchester City, the other he is yet to play against Sevilla (which will guarantee Liverpool an automatic slot in the Champions League should Klopp’s boys lift the Europa League trophy) no matter what happens after May 18, Liverpool’s season will be classified as a good one; judging from where they started.

It is important to note that Klopp has not brought in players this season but he has motivated and inspired the boys he met to achieve some unbelievable feats. The future looks bright for Liverpool and they can boldly declare the slogan “You will never walk Alone” because with Jurgen Klopp it might be a statement of fact for a long time to

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