Halftimeng Premier League Team of Week 24 (2018)

Can we confidently say it is arrivederci Conte? Chelsea look like a shadow of themselves; nothing like the team that won the title last season. It is just not working and we can trace the genesis, exodus and probably the revelation of the Chelsea crisis. Burnley on the other hand continue to over achieve with their draw against potential champions; Manchester City. Pep Guardiola showed his ruthlessness when he withdrew Raheem Sterling after the player’s candidate for the miss of the season chance; it was quite amusing to see City list only six substitutes on their bench; I don’t understand that decision at all; I wonder what kind of message this sends to the Academy; which they have spent a ton of money on.

To the big game of the weekend; Liverpool v Spurs, what a game and I am not going to go all cliche by saying great advert for the EPL; total bullshit. My focus has to be the officiating, what is going on with Premier League referees? There has to be a major overhaul; these controversial decisions, week in week out is definitely hurting the game and something drastic has to be done to repair the level of officiating. Consistency is a major issue, at one venue its a penalty, at the other No; here its a Red Card, there it is not. I believe we have gotten to a breaking point and it is imperative that something must be done to return to sanity.

To the game itself, I was quite shocked by Liverpool and their approach especially when they went a goal up; talk about Rock and Roll football with the handbrakes on in a Marcopolo Bus. However, they were solid for most part, compact and very discipline; until late into the second half. On the other hand, you have to give Pochettino and Spurs a lot of credit for their overall approach and boldness going into the game. Tottenham showed maturity after going a goal behind; this team is just a few winners away from my consideration as proper title contenders.

All in all; great weekend with goals everywhere; over 1.5 goals in all Premier League stadia, some people may have made some good money this past weekend. Here’s my team of the week in a 3-4-3 formation:

Adeyemi Adesanya
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