Halftimeng Premier League Team of Week 5

Another big weekend; but same story and outcome for Manchester United as the Red Devils fell to back to back defeats in the Premier League and a third defeat in a week; things don’t look all together at Old Trafford. Whilst, on the other side of town; the Citizens continue to mature; Liverpool put up a tactical master in London; Arsenal continue to up the tempo as the likes of West Brom, Everton and Leicester start finding their groove.

With five matches played; there’s still so much to play for; form will drop, heads will drop; but the class of some the players in my team of the week selection could be the difference in how well their respective teams perform as the season progresses.

Here is my Premier League Team of Week 5 in a 4-3-3 formation;




Adeyemi Adesanya
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14 thoughts on “Halftimeng Premier League Team of Week 5

  1. Henderson has no business in team of the week,his goal was’nt spectacular at all,it was like he was even trying to clear the ball and it ended up in the net, please he should be replaced with Xhaka, Iwobi to replace Payet also.

  2. i can bet some people woke up this morning with a smile on their faces knowing no Man U player would be on the team of the week! You all know yourselves!!. like we say “wrapper must touch all man” the question really is when and how many yards!. we are waiting and watching.

    while I am not still sure how it happened, Henderson definitely deserves to be in the TOTW. Beyond the goal (which by all means measurable was world class) his overall play was very very good. For someone who in my opinion doesn’t have any ball sense, he sure did bring it to the party on Friday – . (maybe Klopp gave him that thing to smoke).

    Sterling rather than Iheanacho should have been the other City play in the TOTW. yet another “useless” player showing real class! (what is the world turning into). I blame Leicester thou, they now have everybody believing they can fly.

    what exactly is Payet doing in that team? i find it hard to believe a player whose team shipped in 4 goals did enough to merit being considered as part of the 1st 11 for a particular week (well except maybe you are the goal keeper and saved 5 penalties and then conceded 4! we would put the blame on the defenders then).

    All in all, it was good week for the EPL with plenty of beautiful goals. And for these people celebrating early Christmas (again, you know yourselves) BALL STILL PLENTY OOOOOOOO

    1. Great Points all around; despite how bad the Hammers were; Payet stood out as usual and also going with trying to expand the base of selection he makes it. Your remarks on Henderson is on point, echoes my thoughts exactly. Iheanacho makes it for his overall impact for filling in admirably for Aguero; 10 goals from 14 attempts is no mean feat. Also a case could be made for Ismali Sulimani; but then the young man is in a different class right now and I am glad for him especially as a Nigerian.

  3. The beauty of the EPL isn’t exactly in the beautiful way they play nor the amount of money flowing thru it (and it truly is mighty much!). To me, it’s the belief, the passion each team brings to the table on any match day. Yes, there are underdogs, but nobody is rolling over. Luckily, i got through the blinding commentaries and can now enjoy games with less acrimony than 2 seasons ago. the Divas of Chelsea helped with that last season.

    I would put Silmani ahead of Sanchez though. Think that was some debut for the lad.

  4. I believe that Capoue and/or Pereyra should also have a mention in the midfield ahead of Payet or Henderson. But that’s to take nothing away from Henderson’s goal.

  5. Lolll, awon analysts e Pele o. Nonetheless, I need to mention this, United, it’s time to go to the mountain ooo, e be like say, Eva curse still potent oo.

    1. I think objectivity is one of the strong points of Halftimeng; if you check my response to a similar clamour for Sulimani; you would see I acknowledged his performance and defended Kelechi’s inclusion; the young man deserves the recognition he is getting. However; as I have stated several times; no selection would favour all parties. Thanks for the comment Gbenga.

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