Halftimeng Premier League Team of Week 5 (2017/18)

Can anyone bet against the Manchester sides? One was classy and ruthless, the order was conservative but deadly at the same time. With every passing weeks it seems like Manchester might be the destination for the title this year. I know it is only five games and a number of teams are just getting into the groove with some players bedding in; so there’s no need to get carried away with their performances, but we can sit back and enjoy it and watch things unfold.

This weekend showed what many have continued to say about Liverpool as potential title contenders; you may be able to go toe to toe with most of the members of the Top Six; but it is games against the other 13 teams that really distinguish a proper title chasing team. Liverpool under Jurgen Klopp fell short again this weekend against Burnley to make for a less than impressive week after the scandalous defeat to Manchester City and the home draw to Sevilla in the Champions League.

In the weekend’s big game, a disappointing 0-0 draw was the outcome from two teams that goals are always expected from; but you have got to give it to the Arsenal for their aggressive approach to the game which enabled them stand tall against Chelsea. The major talking point in this game ended up been the Red Card to David Luiz; it was really a poor tackle and the referee was right to send him off.

If we thought Tottenham had banished their Wembley jitters with the victory against Dortmund in the Champions League in mid-week; that all too familiar feeling creeped back in as visiting Swansea left with a clean sheet and a point for their troubles. The feel good factor seems to have returned to the North East  as Newcastle recorded their third win in succession impressive considering the doom and gloom emanating from the club in the summer; this gets Rafa Benitez the Manager of the Week Award.

So how’s you Fantasy Premier League team looking? If you are half as bad as I am; you would have needed a rescue from Romelu Lukaku and how do you explain Christian Atsu holding on to 9 points on the bench; the difference between me and a few places in our league. Without much ado; here is my team of the week selection in a  4-4-2 formation:

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4 thoughts on “Halftimeng Premier League Team of Week 5 (2017/18)

  1. I don’t think Lukaku shld av made the team his goal notwithstanding. Jesus had a much better all around play and also scored a goal (I know Lukaku also had an assist). There is already talk of an Aguero/Jesus partnership in the mouka of the Cole/York partnership or the Liverpool SAS partnership. On current form , you can’t argue with the hype. City is playing some great attacking footie with these two at the head and KDB providing passes like it’s going out of fashion!
    Fabianski had a blinder and is my player of the week. Had an absolute master class against Spurs. Another person I am happy to see in the team of the week is the much maligned Ramsey! My Arsenal friends are always quick to get on his case but I really thought he did a number on the Chelsea midfield. It’s been a while since we said Arsenal bossed Chelsea in a game. This was mainly due to Ramsey.
    Oh Valencia! What can I say. He doesn’t score many but that thunderbolt on Sunday is as good as it gets. There is surely only one contender for goal of the season for now

  2. Comment *Kolasinac was massive for the #chears game and should make the team of the week. No Liverpool player made it which is a good thing.

    1. Thank you for your kind comments sir. Did you see the Leicester City game? Kolasinac was also considered; but the young man from Leicester as far as I was concerned was the best Left fullback in Premier League this past weekend

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