Halftimeng Premier League Team of Week 3

Three weeks in, the momentum is quite visible; but then comes the International break to squash all the fun we are having, well all we have to do is to be a little patient things will return back to normal in two weeks.

So the trio of Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City have a 100% record so far; all three maintain their record with varying degree of ease or hardship, bottom line is these records take a break and live to fight another day. I have received a number of criticism on my selection style and in my defense I will say there’s no selection of top eleven players in the world that would please everyone. However, one thing is for sure; we cannot begrudge Curtis Davies his place in the line up for the third straight time as well as the impact of Manchester United’s sensation Marcus Rashford. Here is my Premier League Team of Week Three in a 4-3-3 formation:



Adeyemi Adesanya
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17 thoughts on “Halftimeng Premier League Team of Week 3

    1. Interesting comment, we had six penalties this weekend, only three were converted. Fabianski had a good shout for his penalty save, but then with two goals conceded; kinda lost out to Given who ensured the score line remained at only 1-0.

  1. Not too bad but no way anyone would convince me Ayala is more deserving that Bailey. That guy had a beast of a game. didn’t lose any battles, be it aerially or on the ground and even joined the attack when Man U was desperate for a goal. Hazard as Captain would also have been a better choice. Davis gave a yoman’s performance but lest we forget, his team did eventually concede and lost the match!

    1. The thing with Bailly is that yes he won everything thrown towards him, but his team was never on the back foot for almost the entirety of the game. Ayala was solid in the Middlesbrough side that got a well deserved 0-0 draw at the Hawthorns. Hazard as Captain ahead of Davies; well Davies put everything on the line for his team; if the scripts were flipped I am sure Hazard would likely chicken out.

  2. Also, where is Kante in this village dance? He was massive for Chelsea at home against Burnley. Eric Bailly in defence too. He’s managed two straight clean sheets for United.

    1. From your comment, I’m guessing you’re an Arsenal fan. Yeah, Xhaka did have a massive game against Watford, but not better than Kante’s outing hence my rejoinder, lol.

      1. From your posture,mannerism and sense of entitlement i take it you are a manU Fan lol, Xhaka had a great game also just as Kante, i will agree to dropping both Arter and Puncheon to accomodate Xhaka and Kante

    2. Can you convincingly say that Xhaka and Ozil had a better weekend than any of the three mentioned in midfield. In picking a team of the week, I also consider resources available, contribution with said resources etc. Sanchez makes the team on the basis of a goal and two assist; Hazard Same, Raheem sterling same; all three were men of the matches they played in; Ozil and Xhaka still fell below Sanchez at the Arsenal game. Arter and Puncheon both had fantastic games in the same clash; both providing both assist for the goals scored and generally dictating midfield play; of course you can never fault Kevin De Bruyne’s inclusion

      1. I will sub De Bruyne for Ozil, Ozil’s goal is just pure master class,the perfectly timed run up to the goal and the well executed heading of the ball was just pure orgasmic. Xhaka was a man mountain in midfield,accurate passes completed ,i will sub Arter for him. Thank you

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