Halftimeng Alternate PFA 2016/17 Best Eleven

As always, when the end of the season nears; award and selection fever grips the entire Football fan base; of course we are never able to agree on a selection or awardee that makes everyone happy; it is the nature of us as humans to agree to disagree. Yesterday, The Professional Footballers Association in England released its selection of the stand out players for the ongoing season as voted by the players themselves. As always annually; some players were interestingly left out. One that compounds all human reasoning is Sergio Aguero; how in all the time he has been in the Premier League,he keeps been over looked is quite remarkable. Another has to be Toby Alderweireld; the Spurs defender as been solid and resolute all season; yes Chelsea have had a really good season especially David Luiz, who seems to have finally tracked down the kid with the Play-station pad and has turned out to be a defender reborn (ignore the performance at Old Trafford though).

How was Alexis Sanchez left out this year; despite his Nineteen Goals for Arsenal and been the Gunners best player all year. Please take a look at the PFA Selection (courtesy The Sun) below:

How Sadio Mane makes this list amazes me as well as the two Spurs full backs; don’t get me wrong they have had good seasons; but can you honestly say that Mane has had a better season than Alexis Sanchez or has Walker been better than Antonio Valencia?

How Gary Cahill makes this list has to be one of the wonders of the world; especially considering the likes of Jan Vertonghen and Virgil Van Dijk have had stellar seasons. Well just as the players are entitled to make their own selection; I have decided to come up with an alternative selection of my own.

In comparison to the PFA selection; only one man is constant and he has my vote anytime and any day to be the PFA Player of the year; he is none other than N’Golo Kante. Here’s my alternative PFA Best Eleven:


So what do you think? If you disagree with my selection; hit me up in the comments section with your alternate line up and lets have some fun with it.

Adeyemi Adesanya

Sports Business Consultant and Football Intermediary; Risk Management & Due Diligence Consultant; Freelance Football writer & Pundit on Radio & TV and Man.Utd Fan


15 thoughts on “Halftimeng Alternate PFA 2016/17 Best Eleven

  1. No need repeating Kante. And Hererra has no business even on a 3rd choice PFA player list especially when KDB is missing smh.

  2. Bros. No Hazard, No Mane. No KDB. Then u manage to squeeze in 3 Man U players despite their position all season. E for kuku complete am. Remove Dembele and put Pogba

    Those Malaika wey u send go meet Mane just siddon dey watch this blog. Is ok oh

  3. Really, yemi, half time is like our fanzone oo. Warrisdis biko. No freaking Hazard!!!!!!!! And 3 united players. This one I take personal sha. Extremely biased!!!!!

  4. Really, yemi, half time is like our fanzone oo. Warrisdis biko. No freaking Hazard!!!!!!!! And 3 united players. This one I take personal sha. Extremely biased!!!!! You say alternative, meaning wetin I no get!!!

  5. I think quite a number of pple are not getting the concept of “alternative” team of the year. For that, I blame the author for repeating Kante. An alternative team shld be an alternative team. No stories

    For his influence, I wld swap Moses for Valencia at right back or wing back. In the middle of the park, Kante out and coutinho in but as the attacking midfielder while Herrera retains his place but as defensive midfielder.

  6. Interesting selection. My alternative team (using the word “alternative” in that picking players that did not feature in the actual PFA list) would be in a 4-4-2 formation as follows:

    Heaton (Bur)

    Azpilicuelta (Che)
    Alderweireld (Tot)
    Cook (Bou)
    Valencia (Mun)

    Eriksen (Tot)
    Herrera (Mun)
    Firmino (Liv)
    Sigurdsson (Swa)

    Sanchez (Ars)
    Aguero (Mci)

    Notable mentions: Boruc (Bou), Koscielny (Ars), Mee (Bur), Williams (Eve), Rojo (Mun), de Bruyne (Mci), Zaha (Cry), Pedro (Che), Coutinho (Liv), Costa (Che), Defoe (Sun).

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