Avec Neymar, PSG sont des Mieux

Please don't go Ooh La La on me now, this remains an English Language site, but when you have a Sister fluent in the language of love, you tend to want to show off sometimes. Simply, put the header says ''With Neymar, PSG are overwhelming Favourites'' without a shadow of

“Ligue 1 – coming of age.”

An eventful 2016/17 season of the French Championnat was concluded a few weeks back with this season witnessing a departure from the perceived and almost acceptable norm. A new champion crowned for the first time in five years as young Monaco team capitalized on an unsettled Unai Emery tutored PSG

From, how United cut Chelsea’s lead to four to Olympique Lyon tumultuous time with fans…. 5 things we learned this weekend.

Mourinho still has his rascality Manchester United probably provided the Blues their sweetest victory this season ; that 4 - 0 seismic drubbing at the bridge last year. Chelsea had built on that to stay at the summit of the log while Mou's team; unbeaten in the league since then but

This Weekend (06/05/16)

The European Football season is gradually coming to an end and what a season it has been; who would have thought that Leicester City would be champions of the English Premier League. What an incredible story and journey it has been so far for the Foxes. The title chasing excitement towards

This Weekend (06/02/16)

What a weekend we have on the cards; the Americans prepare for the Super Bowl, the grand finale of their version of football; but all the action is not reserved for the Americans alone. Germany is agog with three clashes that aim to unsettle the established order, France serves up