#TipsFromPapi: Betting, Arguments + 12 Games You Can Choose From This Weekend

Crazy title right? I know!

Just like every other thing has positives and negatives, good and bad, football games have loads of options. You may have selected Arsenal to beat Watford while another punter, in a ‘far, far away” land, may have countered you, without ever seeing your face. You get the gist?

With that in mind, I’ll like to mention two arguable betting tips in this article before dishing out my predictions for some select weekend games.

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– Do Not ACCUMULATE Any Matches in the First 2-3 Weeks of This Season
My soon-to-be friend, proposed this one in his short betting advice shared with me. I’m sure you’re wondering, “WTH! How am I even supposed to just watch without placing bets on the EPL after waiting for so long?” Well, he supported his claims with some reasons:

* The teams are just starting and hence need time to blend together.

* There might have been transfers in and out of a team new players need to settle in.

Solid enough? You decide.

Yes! It’s arguable but, how about staying away for the first couple of weeks so you can have enough to play with over the larger part of the show? Can you handle that?

– Never ACCUMULATE Up To 3-4 Matches In One League

This one is very understandable… unless you haven’t had the experience before. Compiling games in a certain league instead of “spreading your arms” can hurt, especially in leagues like the Dutch Eredivise, EPL and others.

Of course spreading your arms isn’t a sure way to avoid those sily games that’ll hurt your betslip as nothing is guaranteed on this playground, but it will be helpful to concentrate on the best games from a few leagues (Ill expantiate on this one is subsequent articles) instead of focusing on just one league.

In the end, convinced or not, it all boils down to what works best for you and what has been working for you.

Let’s talk about the select games.

As I did last week, I’ve again focused on one market: Over 1.5 goals. With time, I’ll start covering other markets. That being said, here are the games that should have more than one goal scored this weekend.

Holland: Helmond Sport v Cambuur Over 1.5 goals

Denmark: Lyngby v FC Nordsjaelland Over 1.5 goals

Czech Republic: Mlada Boleslav v Hradec Kralove Over 1.5 goals

England: Burton Albion v Derby County Over 1.5 goals

Ireland: Waterford United v Drogheda United Over 1.5 goals

Brazil: Ceara v CRB Over 1.5 goals

China: Shenzhen FC v Meizhou Hakka Over 1.5 goals

Austria: Sturm Graz v Altach Over 1.5 goals

Northern Ireland: Linfield v Dungannon Swifts Over 1.5 goals

China: Shanghai Shenxin v Tianjin Quanjian Over 1.5 goals

Brazil: Cruzeiro v Santa Cruz Over 1.5 goals

Austria: Rapid Wien v Salzburg Over 1.5 goals

Finland: KPV GrIFK Grankulla Over 1.5 goals

Remember: Only bet with what you can afford to lose.

P.S: I’d love to hear from you. Let me know what you think of these tips, how they helped you (or not) and also other markets you’d like me to give you tips on. Share your views in the comments section below or hit me up on twitter @rotdav

Cheers to a great weekend of football!


#TipsFromPapi: Wait! Don’t Jump In Yet! + 14 Games To Choose From This Weekend

It’s the weekend again, if you’re someone like me, you’re probably already looking out for the most profitable games in the world to stake your money on; to earn some extra cash, or win that huge sum.

Of course some play everyday, but the weekend, unmistakably, presents the highest number of games from which to choose from. Now, that’s a blessing… and also a curse! With plenty of games to choose from, the chances of losing skyrockets, alongside your chances of winning.

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So, as usual, you have those favourite prediction sites opened on your phone or laptop, for all the permutations and selections. Do they really help? That’s one only you can answer.

You’re probably already wondering what this post is all about. Well, let’s just say I’m out to give you what you usually get from those other prediction websites… and then add some more. How?

As a Football Speculator, I’ll be sharing some tips with you that can help you avoid that “na one game spoil my ticket” story. While doing that, I’ll also be giving you some select games which you can profit from.

As usual, on this playground, NOTHING IS GUARANTEED. Anything can happen! with that in my mind, my first tip is

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You Don’t Have To Select Every Game In Sight.
It’ll be unfair to your purse, staking on 30+ games, every weekend. Haba bros! Ahn ahn! You too want to win #10.5m with a #200 stake abi? That miracle doesn’t happen everytime you know. How about you concentrate more on discovering how to select winning games, instead of trying to select all in sight? That’ll be more helpful.


Wait! Don’t Jump In Yet!
Yeah. You heard me right. Wait. Chill out, while you’re in the chilling lounge, OBSERVE. Still wondering what I’m talking about? Well, I’m talking about the “New Season” fever. The new football season is underway in Europe (unlike in other parts of the world eg Brazil, U.S.A). And everyone can’t wait to jump on the train, you already know how it turned out for you with the English Premier League last week, right?

With the La Liga & Serie A kicking off this weekend, choose to watch from afar, instead of putting your money in the game. See how the league starts off this time. With that knowledge, you can be sure to at least, avoid those “potholes” in subsequent rounds.

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So, those are my tips for you this weekend.

Below are some of my select games for this weekend. I’d usually post varying options to choose from. But I chose to major in one market for this debut post. Hopefully, you’ll find this post and its tips useful, ask for more and there’ll be subsequent posts to cover games in full details.

I’ve selected these 14 games out of the multitude of games to be played this weekend. With their statistics, I strongly feel that the outcome of all these games should be Over 1.5 Goals. Their kick-off times are spread out between Friday and Sunday.

Be sure to check them out yourselves to see if you’re comfortable with their Head-to-Head and other necessary statistics.

Denmark: AC Horsens v Lyngby – O1.5 Goals

U.S.A: Montreal Impact II v Bethlehem Steel FC – O1.5 Goals

Norway: Lillestroem v FK Haugesund – O1.5 Goals

Sweden: IK Frej Taeby v Aatvidaberg – O1.5 Goals

Brazil: America MG v Chapecoense AF – O1.5 Goals

China: Dalian Yifang v Shanghai Shenxin – O1.5 Goals

Sweden: Hammarby v IFK Gothenburg – O1.5 Goals

Sweden: Helsingborg v Kalmar FF – O1.5 Goals

Sweden: Falkenbergs FF v Gefle – O1.5 Goals (you can also select Both Teams To Score)

Sweden: Elfsborg v GIF Sundsvall – O1.5 Goals

Switzerland: Young Boys v Lausanne – O1.5 Goals

Thailand: Osotspa Samut Prakan
FC v BBCU FC – O1.5 Goals

Thailand: Chainat FC v Sukhothai FC – O1.5 Goals

U.S.A: Philadelphia Union v Toronto FC – O1.5 Goals

P.S: Obviously I didn’t add kick-off times and the specific leagues. But the countries indicated should help your search. Like I said earlier, your feedback will help me to know if you found it useful or not. So please feel free to let me know how you found this post useful by leaving your comments in the comments section below. You can also share your games with me and let’s rub minds.

Cheers to a weekend of good football!