El Clasico Preview

It is that time of the year again; when the biggest rivalry in club football takes center stage; the El Clasico attracts viewership from all over the world with Billions of people glued to their sits to see to of the most successful teams in the world that parade the

From, how United cut Chelsea’s lead to four to Olympique Lyon tumultuous time with fans…. 5 things we learned this weekend.

Mourinho still has his rascality Manchester United probably provided the Blues their sweetest victory this season ; that 4 - 0 seismic drubbing at the bridge last year. Chelsea had built on that to stay at the summit of the log while Mou's team; unbeaten in the league since then but

Ronaldo’s Club 100,Video Technology Needed and More….. My Thoughts on Wednesday’s UEFA Champions League games.

UEFA Cold Hearted? Borussia Dortmund players and officials on Tuesday experienced a plangent shock and unprecedented trepidation when an explosion rocked their team bus leaving Ex-Barcelona defender Marc Bartra needing a surgery to repair his right arm and left wrist. If this incident left me in a limbo, UEFA's decision to

Who takes the Catalan Hot-seat?

Surprised? No I wasn't; I saw it coming just like i saw it in Pep's eyes prior to his sabatical. The criticisms after the PSG game were immense; enough to make a grown man cry; but like they say this is Football, anything can happen (I can't believe I just