5 things we learned from the UCL Madrid Derby

A classic Ronaldo hat-trick put Atlético to the sword on Tuesday leaving Diego Simeone’s men needing a miracle to book a place in Cardiff. Here are the things we learned from the clash at the Santiago Bernabeu.

1. Subdued  Colcherenos

This absolutely shook for a fact, never seen a Simeone team so bereft of ideas and for most part of the game brought their hog to a fine market when a proper performance was needed.

Gameiro – Griezmann combo that has worked the treat for most part of the season was esoterically lost on the night – could only muster an attempt on target all game. Diego Simeone himself cut a nomadic figure on the touch line, stroking his chin for most part – straying in and around the technical area.

2. Rabid Ramos

It’s actually  noisome when you know that he’s received 22 red cards in his career – humongous but it is also worthy to note that the ex Sevilla defender has a high class of hegemonic qualities when in the mood and he did it really well on Tuesday – Tamed Atlético’s forward for the major part of the game.

The back-line generally had a good game but Sergio Ramos gave an impeccable performance.

3. Queasy Godin

The Uruguayan stalwart had a nightmarish experience which honestly, should be marked in a book somewhere as the eighth wonder of the world. He was delirious at tracking runners, notably, was too soft to on the challenge on Benzema just before Ronaldo’s second goal.

Don’t mean to sound schadenfreude but his coach will feel massively dis-chuffed at how one of his trusted players let him down. Diego Godin was poor to a wonder.

4. Zizou on the brink of Making History

It’s arguable that the French Legend has swapped excessive ‘voluptuous’ football to excessive counter attacking football Howbeit pragmatically. Not sure Florentino Perez is a fan but comprehensibly won’t complain. Los Merangues are on the verge of making it their third appearance in the UCL final in 4 years, go a step further and win it back to back – first time ever. Looks A tall order but definitely not impossible.

5. Ronaldo hitting critics hard.

Every other time he has been pushed to the wall, he has managed to get monkeys off his back, he’s never one with a bundle of nerves. Just when people have thrown persiflage at him following a rather ornery performance at the El Classico – he answered doubters with a hat-trick which will be enough to have them in the final. Cristiano Ronaldo has proven he is still the man that can inspire – who doesn’t rely on reputation alone but never yellow bellied.

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