A Fan’s Letter to the players of Manchester United (The worrisome state of Manchester United).

Dear Manchester United Players;

A lot has been said about the incident of last Tuesday as well as the final out come of the game. Quite frankly United were robbed by a silly decision by a referee who is building quite a notorious reputation for himself across Europe and the world as a whole. However, this really does not justify the implosion that followed 12 minutes after; no doubt a lot of United fans felt really hard done by that decision as it killed the team’s momentum on the night as they had Real Madrid exactly where they wanted them, right on the ropes.

If ever a match gave credence to the importance of a strong mental mind in football and sports in general; the Manchester United v Real Madrid match did just that. Of course a football club of the size of Manchester United would have several Sports Psychologist on its pay roll so the issue of mental toughness should not rear its ugly head; well it did, but i think it was the crowd reaction when the red was given that got to the players on the pitch as well as the enormity of the task that the team was faced with, to keep mighty Real Madrid at bay for 35 odd minutes. This incidence reminds me of those days when a certain individual (name withheld)  used to scream to high heavens on National Radio and Television of the need to have a Sports Psychologist for the football National teams of Nigeria; he made this call all the time Nigeria had a collapse of mental toughness at any competition or match; well need I say more the individual is currently the Sport Psychologist to all the National Football teams of Nigeria, talk about pitching for a job.

Back to United, Its time to wake up from Tuesday’s Nightmare and move on; 12 points clear in the league; still with the quarter final of the FA Cup replay to play; there’s absolutely no reason to start feeling sorry for yourselves. The fans pay big money to come see you, you earn big bucks weekly and need we remind you, the fans are still smarting from losing the league to Manchester City last season when 8 points clear with 5 games to go. If this had happened in Africa where I am; the team would have been given a sound flogging.

How in God’s name do our team; Manchester United go 2 goals up in the first 15 minutes of a cup tie against Chelsea and then go to sleep in the second half only to be rescued from defeated by an inspired Goalie. Guys, wake up; This is Manchester United; even if the team claws back the two goals United still end up winning. Are Wingers now an endangered specie? It has been a time honoured approach by Manchester United under the guidance of Sir Alex to play with Wingers; even if you look back to the days before Sir Alex; we always had dangerous wide men. So what is the problem with our wide men this season? Nani and Young seem like they’d rather be somewhere else; whilst Valencia seems like someone missing in an Ecuadorian Jungle; the person wearing number 7 for United is definitely an impostor. I am sure of it. We now seem to go with the diamond formation which is supposed to be our back up formation as first choice as the wingers pull terrible after terrible displays.

With yesterday’s events and the eventual draw of a potential clash with Manchester City in the FA Cup semis at Wembley; I can bet it that Mancini will be licking his lips now as he had stated that the out come of United taking on Real Madrid would change the course of the League title challenge and adversely affect United; I hate to say he seems to be about to be correct with his prediction; so snap out of it Lads.

Finally I make bold to say that if some players are not up for it, up for the fight they can be dropped. I know this is a decision that would be easy for Sir Alex to make as he proved with dropping Rooney for the Real Match; but then his performance yesterday left little to be desired (this is not being critical of wazza; but he needs to step up). RVP is also having a bleep considering his high standards; 1 goal in his last 9 matches does not tell nor paint a good picture; go look for those scoring boots pal and lets show you how to celebrate a championship. Its time to wake up to the realities United are faced with now; something tells me that if for any reason Manchester United blow this 12 point lead and City for whatever reason win the title back to back; Sir Alex will consider his position in the summer; because it might just be that the power and influence which he supposedly has over the team may just be weaning.

C’Mon United!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A Concerned United fan.

Adeyemi Adesanya
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